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    Product Source International (PSI) is a corporation that sells and distributes quality products around the world. We specialize in marketing unique and exciting products within various industries. We have the ability to take a product from obscurity to popularity - taking a new product to the next marketing level. Below are the marketing principles we follow:

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  • Selling the Best Products.

    NicOut Filters

    These cigarette filters will help cut the tar and other harmful substances by over 90%. No expensive, dangerous drugs, patches or mystery herbs. NicOut filters are the best way to cut back or even quit.

    Fresh Filters

    Fresh Filters have Less Tar and More Taste. Cuts the cigarette tar and other harmful substances by over 90%. Fresh filters are the best way to cut back or even quit. Try it today.

    New Smoke E-Cigs

    New Smoke a safe and satisfying "real" electronic cigarette, smoking alternative for cigarette and cigar smokers. All natural with no "chemical mix" found in all other electronic cigarettes.

    Smart Touch Pen

    The Smart Touch Pen is a 2 in 1 stylus and pen. It's a premium writing instrument. It's the most precise stylus. It works for all touchscreens. The Smart Touch Pen is available in 4 colors.

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  • Our Clients & Strategy

    By harnessing traditional marketing tactics and applying them to all types of products, Product Source International (PSI) understands how to position and execute it's marketing plans.

    PSI's growth is organically grown by repeat business, long-term partnerships with successful clients and good old fashion "word of mouth" recommendations about our work and reliable top selling products.

    When it comes to promoting our products - our strategy is thorough. What ever it takes. Whatever is possible. PSI is working hard to sell products everyday so that all our customers and clients can have the best products.

  • Our Strategy

    Successful sales strategy is a steady, thoughtout set of goals. What's needed is a solid process that can be initiated over and over again. Whenever possible we attribute our successful sales strategy to perserverance and the careful selection of unique products. The result is a steady stream of sales that allows room for an advertising budget that in return results in more exposure in the market place which results in more exposure to consumers.

    All sales require a consistant strategy, a purpose, a method to proceed forward to measure and monitor progress. Sales is something that needs to be structured and attended to on an ongoing basis. It can’t just be left alone - it requires persistence, motivation and determination.

    An effective sales protocol is like a marching band - it is structured, organized and determinded. Starting out requires energy. Next there needs to be a plan put into place. Once initiated, sales become easier to achieve. Salesmen must pay attention to what needs to be sold, marketing is an ongoing process. However, if you start and stop, and start and stop, sales will flounder and profits will fall.

  • PSI Team

    Eugene Higgins - Founder and President

    Eugene founded Product Source International, LLC (PSI) in 1983 and executed all corporate functions through the early growth stages, singularly responsible for early decision-making. Eugene has always kept in mind his goal for new products by building a business that sells the BEST PRODUCTS for a global consumer market.

    Tom Jones - Executive Sales

    Tom's passion for client relationships and drive to build modern technology solutions was the inspiration for joining (PSI). Ten years later that formula hasn't changed, Tom says: listen to the client, understand their vision, make their goals your own, and success will follow. Tom applies his focus to his stewardship of clients. His attention to detail is evident in every part of his work, including over 20 years of networking with professionals and over 15 years directing and producing short films. In Executive Sales, Tom helps make (PSI) a great company. He oversees (PSI's) expansion goals into the Latin market.

    Jonathan Davis - Art Director

    Jonathan creates graphics, packaging and marketing materials at (PSI). His real job, though, is to make sure each product has a chance to look appealing to the consumer and to ensure that we have products presented well for trade shows and conferences. Overall, he is the creative engine that helps sell (PSI) products. He applies his 15+ years of experience in advertising and marketing to set the stage for (PSI's) success.

    Mike Smith - Technical Product Developer

    Mike says he needs to be a better coder even though everyone thinks he's already an exceptional coder who loves challenges and makes insanely good things that people love and use often. He contributes to (PSI's) pipeline by building and leading technical projects which ultimately play a big part in people’s everyday lives. Mike loves everything technical. He has strong understanding of how to deliver magnetic, engaging experiences on the mobile platform and continues his exceptional track record creating solid, successful applications.

  • Our History

    Product Source International (PSI) was founded in 1983 by Eugene Higgins. Mr. Higgins created the company to meet the requests of local advertisers that wanted the best and most affordable new products. Setting the standards high, (PSI) was able to sell quality products for local businesses and keep the doors open. The company did not officially flourish until 1990 when Mr. Higgins decided to go international. The basic idea was to further the success of the company by selling the best and most unique products available in a modern world. (PSI) achieved this by first shaping a company environment condusive to promoting exciting products that are easy to sell and second by networking with other distributors, vendors, technical experts and PR companies. Since 2000, the company has partnered with other distributors and investors to develop, create and market a wide variety of products for the consumer and business to business market.

    As of 2010, the company has sold over 2 million dollars in products and still maintains it's original goal - to only sell the BEST PRODUCTS within an international market

    In the near future (PSI) has it's eyes set on expanding into the Latin market - so to achieve this (PSI) continues to work hard and focus on presenting the best products to offer in the South American market place. Also, we are always willing to help our distributors and partners achieve success as quickly as possible. This makes sense since we are all trying to be successful in a competative world. Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to selling you the BEST PRODUCTS.

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