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NIC-BLOCK is a cigarette smoke filter for tar and nicotine. The Nic Block Bags are sold in bulk with (300) filters per bag to trap tar better for less money. NIC BLOCK may reduces up to 90% of tar and harmful cigarette chemicals from cigarette smoke without changing the daily routine of a smoker. Overall, NIC BLOCK really does help and assist a smoker to lower their Nicotine and harmful chemical intake better than other types of Nicotine cessation inhalers, devices or protocols.

– NIC-BLOCK has an 8 Hole Easy Draw Filter.
– NIC-BLOCK results are guaranteed to reduce tar and nicotine – from the first smoked cigarette!
– NIC-BLOCK reduces tar and nicotine up to 90%.
– NIC-BLOCK bulk bags costs much less than other smoking cessation methods.

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