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Founded in 1998 Product Source International (PSI) is a company that creates and markets new and exciting problem solving products worldwide. PSI specializes in: Home, Health and Personal Care and exciting products within various industries. We start with product concepts based on a need and follow through to proof of concept. Below are the marketing principles we follow:

– Customer satisfaction is No.1.
– Be safe and solve a common problem.
– Promote simplicity and invention.
– Be unique and be remembered.
– Create products that appeal to the largest demographics possible.

Traditional Marketing Tactics

Using traditional marketing tactics and applying them to all types of products, Product Source International (PSI) markets in most types of sales venues: Retail, Direct, Online and Distribution.

PSI currently has ten product lines and is developing new problem-solving products. PSI’s has grown through repeat business, long-term partnerships and old fashioned “word of mouth” recommendations about our reliable and useful products.
When it comes to promoting our products – our strategy, whatever it takes is simple and PSI works hard every day to create and market unique products.

Product Development

PSI has a solid development process that we have successfully repeated over the years
1. Identify a problem or need of a large demographic that is not being currently met.
2. Create a simple and effective solution.
3. Design a product to meet the need. It usually takes several versions over several years to produce the best final design.
4. Get the best possible performance with the best possible margin
5. You can view most of our product lines on ProductSourceInternational.com

Sales Strategy

Once a product is ready it is initially presented in the direct market: Catalog, online and sometimes DRTV. Once a product has shown viability in these venues it is presented to retail buyers through our network of sales representatives. Whenever possible we try to offer an excellent margin to assist our sales personnel. The result is usually a steady stream of sales that allows room for an advertising budget. Although PSI has a time tested sales method we are willing to consider any new venue that offers exposure to our product lines.

The PSI Team

Eugene Higgins – Founder and President
Eugene founded Product Source International, LLC (PSI) in 1998 and is responsible for all management functions and is responsible for early decision-making in regards to new products. With a solid background in DRTV Gene’s goal for any new product is to create and sell only the best, unique products to the global consumer market.

Ken Fenick – Executive Sales
Ken’s passion for client relationships and drive to build sales relations was his reason for working with (PSI). After ten years Ken’s formula for success hasn’t changed, Ken says: listen to the client, understand their needs, make their goals your own, and success will follow.

Teresa Loyo – Online Sales
Teresa is responsible for the management expansion of PSI’s online presence, through existing online venues and the adoption of new channels. Teresa also oversees PSI’s expansion into the Spanish language market.

Jonathan Davis – Art Director
Jonathan creates graphics, packaging and marketing materials at (PSI). His real job, though, is to make sure each product has a chance to look appealing to the consumer and to ensure that we have products presented well for trade shows and conferences. Overall, he is the creative engine that helps sell (PSI) products. He applies his 15+ years of experience in advertising and marketing to set the stage for (PSI’s) success.

PSI History

Product Source International (PSI) was founded in 1998 by Eugene Higgins. Mr. Higgins created the company to assist creators of new problem solving products enter the direct market and in particular DRTV. By setting high standards (PSI) was able to help many entrepreneurs launch quality products at little no cost as (PSI) acted as a distributor for these new and unique products enabling fledgling US businesses keep their doors open.

(PSI) saw it’s fortunes improve significantly in 2007 when it began to develop its own product lines.
Over the years many 3rd party products have come and gone but (PSI) now boasts a core of ten product lines of its own creation. Due to Mr. Higgins background in international marketing and connections resulted in (PSI) having a significant percentage of its sales outside the U.S.
(PSI) achieved this by shaping a company environment receptive to risk taking and the promotion of exciting, useful and inexpensive products that are easy to sell. Since 2007, the company has partnered with other distributors and investors to develop,create and market a wide variety of products for the consumer and business to business market.

As of 2016, (PSI) now sells over 2 million dollars annually but still maintains its original goal – to sell only the best new and unique products internationally.

In the near future (PSI) has its eyes set on expanding into the Latin market – so to achieve this (PSI) continues to work hard and focus on presenting the best problem solving products to offer in the South American market place. Also, we are always willing to help our distributors and partners achieve success.

In this (PSI) holds true to its original goal to help innovative entrepreneurs introduce new and unique products. (PSI) believes that a rising tide should lift all boats.
Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to selling you only the BEST.

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